A Night With Rolf Binder !

I recently attended an amazing wine dinner sponsored by Rolf Binder - a second generation winemaker from Adelaide's, Barossa Valley. There are many reasons the Barossa is one of my favourite wine regions in Australia - Rolf Binder's wines are just one of those reasons!

While the food and wine were excellent, the reason I love these style of events is that you hear from the winemakers themselves and in the case of Rolf Binder, a true of the icons of the Australian Wine Industry

So what did Rolf Binder touch on that made this such an excellent evening?

- A truly great wine maker will keep on trying and experimenting until they get it just right - Rolf's wines are a testament to this.

- Wine is quite simple - you either like it or you don't (unless it's free)

- A great vintage does not necessarily mean a great wine maker. There are so many variables, such as the state of the vine, weather conditions and the state of the soil. However, it all comes down to the vine - it is a living creature that adapts to all conditions!

Remember wine is a natural product, so a vintage may not be the same the next year. At the end of the day, this would be my advice: Keep on trying wines to see what you like - every tastebud is as different as every wine varietal - the style and preference is completely down to the individual!

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