A few weeks ago I celebrated the 24th Anniversary of establishing my Financial Planning practice - an exciting achievement? Or a way of showing my age?

Either way - it is a momentous occasion worth taking note of.

With my financial planning practice, careful strategy and judgement has been critical to its sustainability and longevity. 

It got me thinking about the ageing of wines - this same logic can be applied to wine and how they are kept over time.

A planner by nature, I may be over zealous in my wine curation and maintenance - although it has certainly paid off.

When I acquire a new bottle, I label with the wine rating (mainly from Wine Companion) and the "drink by" date.

I am careful with how I store my wine, ensuring it is drunk prior to the drink by date (no mean feat, as I'm sure you can imagine). I usually aim for a couple of years prior to this date. For me, this has enhanced the enjoyment of these bottles, as I have come to appreciate a nicely aged wine.

Keep in mind, you don't need a cellar to store your wines - just a place with an even temperature. Most importantly, get a good understanding of the drink by date - there is nothing worse than watching a great bottle of wine being poured down the kitchen sink. 

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