Riesling - Why Two In Hand Wines Thinks You Should Give It A Go!

Let me say this from the outset - I am a big fan of a beautiful Riesling. However, there are certainly different wine regions that spark my interest more than others when it comes to trying this style of white wine.

Popular opinion is that Riesling is a “go to” in Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, but hasn't reached high appeal in NSW and Victoria. However, after speaking to serious wine experts around each of these areas - they all share the belief that you should give a Riesling a go… you never know, it might just sway you away from your current favourite!

A good Riesling, served cold, is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious cheese board, or even with fresh seafood or Asian cuisine. With a dry, crisp and slightly fruity palette, I find them to have more substance than a Sauvignon or Pinot Gris, more comparable to a great Chardonnay, but sitting in contrast to German varieties which tend to be sweeter.

Like with all wines, to me the area of making is important. My interest is certainly sparked if a friend offers a Riesling from the Great South West (of Western Australia), Clare Valley or Tasmania. Although, with the great innovation of our winemakers around Australia, I'd be prepared to give Rieslings from a number of areas a try.

Go on, pour yourself a top up!


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