Support Australian wineries and indulge yourself in some of the world's best!

It's a big call - 'some of the world's best'! 

However, I'm sticking by it. With some 2600 wineries in Australia, there is ample choice in our Great Southern Land and our wines (and their regions) are constantly being recognised on the world stage. 

Whenever I travel overseas, I will only drink the local wines (providing that country makes wines and if not, I’ll be guided). There is something to be said for really immersing yourself in the culture of a country and I think wine is absolutely one of the ways to do so!


With so many wineries around our country, this means many wine makers, with great reputations and huge histories of making great wines. These things should not go unnoticed (nor should they be underrated). Conversely, we have many great young winemakers and with that comes imagination and the desire to change and try something different. This results in new varieties, styles and most importantly the ability for us to broaden our wine experience.

So before you palate a lovely French wine at your favourite restaurant, scour the menu for something different, for something Australian, perhaps?

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