What’s In A Dollar... A Wine Dollar!

Knowing how much to pay for a good bottle of wine is a hard decision, be it for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. 

If you find yourself questioning what to pay, let me tell you this - you can buy a great bottle of wine for $10 (if you're lucky and know what to look for) and you can easily drop $100+ and get a great wine too. However, in the same breath both could be equally - whether it's $10 or $100 - disastrous. 


My advice is this - find your range. During my time travelling from a variety of wine regions and cellar doors, doing some great tastings (and less than inspiring tastings too), I have found my target range to be $30-$60 per bottle. Within that range you will get great ‘drink now’ wines, as well as some fantastic 'cellar for a couple of years' options too. 


However, the key is this - research, research, research - and get comfortable with your choices. Knowing what type of wine (white or red) is the first tick, then knowing the style is second tick. However, these should closely be followed by with questions around - style of drinking (think: dry, sweet and so on), do you long a lingering after taste, do you want the scent to do all the talking - amongst other things. Wine is very much about personal taste as much as anything. So if you find a fantastic $10 bottle of red, more power to you. However, don't let the price tag be the guide. Let your tastebuds do the talking!

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