Why The EOFY 2019 Can Be About Wine, Just As Much As Your Finances!

As a Financial Planner, I advise all of my clients to make sure they do their end of financial year planning well in advance, so it doesn’t come as a rude shock when the end of the financial year rolls around - you know, things like making those final superannuation contributions to maximise their retirement assets and so forth.

The concept of putting away for a later can also apply to a good wine.

Whilst there may be no financial reward, you will certainly get great satisfaction from cellaring a good bottle. For reds, you may get a smoother texture, as for your whites, cellaring a good Australian Semillons might just last longer than some reds (while producing an even more delicious drop over time).

While financial planning is important – you came here for wine… and good wine tips! Let’s talk cellaring.

Should you lie them flat, or stand the bottle up? Will a cork or screw top cellar better?

Here are my quick tips for making a good wine go the distance:

  1. Ensure the temperature wherever you are keeping your wine is constant all year round. Fluctuations in temperature will spoil a good wine!
  2. Know what you have. Not all bottles cellar the same, so I tend to mark my wines with a “must drink by” date on the label.
  3. Keep in a dry, dark place. Sun and wine do not mix (unless, you are indulging in a crisp white, by the ocean with fresh seafood – in which case, they certainly do mix).
  4. Lie your bottles down, particularly if they have a cork! This keeps the cork moist, swelling and ensuring the bottle is airtight.

My final tip would be this – wine should be celebrated. Remember where you bought that wine you are finally getting around to opening – there’s always a good story to be told amongst friends when you are opening a big, bold Shiraz! 

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